Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Author Line-Up for 10-29-19

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Rhode Island Author Michael Fine will join the panel.

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Julia is an American medical doctor fleeing her own privileged background todeliver health care to remote African communities, where her skills really make a difference. Carl is also an American, whose experiences as a black man in the United States have led him to volunteer in Africa. The two come together as colleagues (and lovers) as Liberia is gripped in a brutal civil war. Then Julia is kidnapped by child soldiers on a remote jungle road, and Carl is "rescued" and evacuated against his will by U.S. Marines. Back in the U.S., Carl turns to a Rhode Island doctor who has been a mentor to them both. With the help of a smuggler, they return to Africa illegally and begin the dangerous work of finding and rescuing Julia. This is an unforgettable thriller grounded in real events. A short preface and several appendices add background on Liberia's complex U.S.-linked history, and a glossary illuminates Liberia's colorful Kreyol patois.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Author Line-Up for 10-22-19

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Today Author J. R. Greene will talk about his 21 books, steam trains, Lost towns of the Quabbin Reservoir
Author, Historian, J.R Greene and Myself

Damont Coombs, Orange Live !
and his favorite President (Silent} Calvin Cooledge

Monday, October 14, 2019

Autumnfest Woonsocket Day II and Day III, 2019

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Day one was cold and day two and three warmed up to the 70's and no cold breeze.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Autumnfest Woonsocket 2019

Posted by Wayne G. Barber & Photos by Wayne G. Barber

48 to 52 degrees and cloudy, windy but NO rain on , Sunday & Monday sunny report to follow.
Best Costume again in 2019 !

Author D'Anne Olsen Phd. table was neat !

RI State Representative Woonsocket's Bob Philips helped us in our quest for Tax Exemption Bill. Thank You, Bob for all you do for the population in the Arts !

Angell and Edward Cooper joined the ARIA team !

Author D'Anne Olsen and Russ and Donna Chevalier discussing the days event.

Author Emily Talman

American Beauty Signs , Oscar Hancock and his right hand designer, Desiree can design one of these great pull-up signs for your sales event too !

Radio host of the Authors Hour W. Gauvin Barber had brisk sales and free handshakes too !

Russ Chevalier closing another large sale by bundling

Author Lucy Cote Contente and her husband loved the Autumnfest !

Woonsocket Mayor Lisa Baldelli Hunt endorses the ARIA ,Association of Rhode Island Authors too !

This Woonsocket City Council president  Dan Gendron filled his holiday shopping list by shopping local and supports the arts and married a real great Mapleville girl too !

Author Coral Standing was in costume and bought a blanket to keep warm !

Monday, October 7, 2019

Author Line-Up for 10-8-19

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Today at 9:05 am will be author Shawn P. Flynn, discussing The Kitty !

Readers' Favorite Book Award Winner
Best Book Awards Finalist
International Book Awards Finalist
Shawn Flynn and his fiancée are excited to start their new life together. They are planning a wedding and have bought a new home. The last thing the two of them need right now is a new cat.
But their recently purchased house seems to come complete with a stray orange feline—a cat with a vibrant personality and a talent for mousing. So Shawn soon finds himself with a regular companion. Little does he realize that this cat will shortly become more important to him than he can possibly imagine.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

'The Shape of Night' invokes classic gothic suspense

Posted by Wayne G. Barber

In “The Shape of Night” by Tess Gerritsen, a writer named Ava Collette attempts to escape a tragic event in Boston by fleeing to a remote area of Maine where she rents an isolated mansion that overlooks the coast. It’s a chance for her to forget and focus on finishing her next cookbook. The mansion, Brodie’s Watch, has a history, but rumors of a dark past and it being haunted don’t deter her from moving in. Then one night she sees a glimpse of someone who looks suspiciously like Capt. Jeremiah Brodie, the sea captain who owned the house over 100 years ago. Is it her imagination or is the mansion truly haunted?
The more she starts to question if she saw a ghost or not, she learns that previous women who have lived in the house have died under mysterious circumstances. Then Capt. Brodie begins to visit her in the bedroom and they begin a relationship that is built primarily on lust. She wakes up the next morning after an escapade with her ghost lover and discovers bruises and scratches. If it all was a dream, then why would she have physical proof that she had been with someone during the night?
Gerritsen creates an atmospheric scene with the mansion and the Maine coastline, and readers will almost feel the breeze and hear the waves crashing against the rocks. The main story of Ava, who may — or may not — be descending into madness, is compelling, and a clever twist or two steers the narrative in unexpected ways. It’s a bit graphic in the sex scenes a few times, but that is a minor nitpick in what is another winner for Gerritsen.
Source: Jeff Ayers Associated Press Review