Saturday, February 24, 2018

What I am reading....

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A Call to Love

When you see a tree, do you realize its importance in God’s plan? When you look in the mirror, do you realize your importance in God’s plan? It’s time to consider the consequences of ignoring either. It’s time to consider how everything is connected and interdependent.
Here is a message of love, spiritually channeled to speak for animals, plants – all of God’s creations. Offered from a canine perspective, this is a chance to view your world, and your place in it, from a different point of view. It is the perspective of absolute Divine love, honoring the worth of each individual and the interconnection of all of God’s creations. We affect the lives of so many, often without being aware of it. Humanity must realize the responsibility we have for our actions.
Are you ready to consider these ideas with an open mind and an open heart? This message is far too important for us to back away from. You are helping create our future, including the conditions of our planet for the generations to come. You can make a difference. You are the difference, with every action you take. Read on to find the gift of Divine Love that surrounds and supports us all.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

What I am reading....

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The death of a loved one is a tragic event. Yet in our darkest hours, God often provides hope and comfort through the smallest things—like a butterfly.
In the vein of When God Winks and Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul, The Butterfly Club presents real people’s stories of how God can, and does, use signs to communicate His presence to those in need. When author Phyllis Calvey heard story after story of how God used the sign of a butterfly to comfort those grieving the loss of a loved one, she set out to gather as many of those stories as she could find. Compiled together, these tales from people who share a common spiritual experience involving a butterfly—The Butterfly Club—answer the age-old question, “Does God speak to us?”
Whether you are grieving, or consoling someone who is, these stories of God's undeniable presence will spark hope and dispel the difference between a mere coincidence and a genuine sign from God.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Authors Line-Up for 2-20-18

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New Books, Book Signings, Expo's, Publishing Questions, Editing, Poetry and Author Interviews too !

Tentatively Scheduled for 9:05 am will be Author Omer Barton with his new book:

A fascinating and cautionary examination of how genocide can take root at the local level—turning neighbors, friends, and even family members against one another—as seen through the eastern European border town of Buczacz during World War II.

For more than four hundred years, the Eastern European border town of Buczacz—today part of Ukraine—was home to a highly diverse citizenry. It was here that Poles, Ukrainians, and Jews all lived side by side in relative harmony. Then came World War II, and three years later the entire Jewish population had been murdered by German and Ukrainian police, while Ukrainian nationalists eradicated Polish residents. In truth, though, this genocide didn’t happen so quickly.

In Anatomy of a Genocide Omer Bartov explains that ethnic cleansing doesn’t occur as is so often portrayed in popular history, with the quick ascent of a vitriolic political leader and the unleashing of military might. It begins in seeming peace, slowly and often unnoticed, the culmination of pent-up slights and grudges and indignities. The perpetrators aren’t just sociopathic soldiers. They are neighbors and friends and family. They are human beings, proud and angry and scared. They are also middle-aged men who come from elsewhere, often with their wives and children and parents, and settle into a life of bourgeois comfort peppered with bouts of mass murder: an island of normality floating on an ocean of blood.

For more than two decades Bartov, whose mother was raised in Buczacz, traveled extensively throughout the region, scouring archives and amassing thousands of documents rarely seen until now. He has also made use of hundreds of first-person testimonies by victims, perpetrators, collaborators, and rescuers. Anatomy of a Genocide profoundly changes our understanding of the social dynamics of mass killing and the nature of the Holocaust as a whole. Bartov’s book isn’t just an attempt to understand what happened in the past. It’s a warning of how it could happen again, in our own towns and cities—much more easily than we might think.

Anatomy of a Genocide, The Life and Death of a Town Called Buczacz

At 9:35 am Le'nore  M. Rhe'aume will talk
 about what's happening on Poets and Poems

Thursday, February 15, 2018

What Muir Really Meant by ‘the Mountains Are Calling’

Posted by Wayne G. Barber

I posted this because I am finding most famous quotes are only a part of a longer quote with a much deeper meaning.

What Muir Really Meant by ‘the Mountains Are Calling’

It’s his best-known, most-beloved quote, but John Muir intended a lot more than just ‘go.’

Run a Google search on naturalist and preservationist John Muir and you will quickly turn up one of his best-known, yet abbreviated, sayings: “The mountains are calling and I must go.” It’s a compelling quote that says it all for many outdoor lovers, which may explain why it’s printed widely on mugs, t-shirts, posters and jewelry and paraphrased by today’s adventurers.
However, the shortened quote doesn’t fully capture John Muir or his desire to understand and protect California’s Yosemite – a grand glacially cut valley with sheer 2,500-foot walls, now federally protected as one of the oldest of the Sierra Nevada’s four national parks.
As we mark the anniversary of Muir’s birth on April 21, 1838, we should consider the full quote, which appears in an 1873 letter from Muir to his sister: “The mountains are calling & I must go & I will work on while I can, studying incessantly.” These words reveal a man who saw responsibility and purpose as well as pleasure in the mountains. Muir was a master observer who enjoyed the constant work of understanding nature.


Saturday, February 3, 2018

What I am reading now....

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The villagers from Deep in the Forest embark on a journey in search of unanswered questions to an odd burial. A body was discovered not too far from their village, which made them very uncomfortable. Who was this person? Why did the death occur in such a peculiar fashion? Where did the person come from? Unbeknownst to his comrades, one of the villagers, Shard, knows something about the unusual situation. He does not alert his friends, so as not to alarm them any further. When embarking on this journey, the group comes across ominous caverns and a unique tribe of people, which again furthers their interest. Making matters more bizarre, a group member disappears after screaming in the night. Soon, it is apparent that the group is not alone. Discover how a journey that started out to satisfy curiosity rapidly turns into a fearful fight to stay alive.

When young police detective Elliot Frantallo stumbles upon a gruesome murder on the South Side of Providence with his partner Sean Kelley, his life changes immediately. The twisted investigation has Elliot working overtime and growing eyes in the back of his head. There are few clues for the detectives, but Elliot’s deep military roots and sharp intuition have him using his combat skills to chase down a brilliant Vietnam sniper. When Elliot gets a call that his fiancĂ© has been shot, he throws away the rule book. As he digs deeper, he finds more clues and more people involved directly and indirectly in not only the first murders, but more to come. His strong visual connection to details and his inner voice start telling him that maybe some of the people he’s closest to could be connected to the talented and dangerous vigilante who is taking apart drug lord Eddie Gomez’s crew, piece by piece. Between the nonstop everyday craziness on the streets, and the dreams, emotional flashbacks, years of sadness, passion, love, and loyalty, there is never a dull moment for hero or villain in the small but vibrant city of Providence.