Monday, February 29, 2016

Line up for Tuesday March 1, 2016

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Local Authors, Publishing Tips, Promotions, Book Signing Announcements and so much more !

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Tentatively scheduled for 9:05 am Author Dennis Fortier will discuss " Perception"
He’s the son of a servant; she’s the daughter or an aristocrat. Against all odds their love held true; against all reason their devotion could not be bargained with. In Perception, fans of Jane Austen’s classic novel Pride and Prejudice will fly at the chance to step into the magnificent halls of Pemberley once more in this charming story about Jayne Darcy, the daughter of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett.
Perception returns many old friends from Austen’s timeless tale to once again enchant us, as well as a new generation of lovers, to inspire, vex, and entertain.
Delightful and engaging, Perception reintroduces readers to The Austenesque struggle between love and societal demands. As the perceptions in Austen’s time that breed class prejudice are explored it is difficult to ignore the perceptions and prejudices of our own time.

Tentatively Scheduled for 9:35am Author Elda Dawber will discuss who current work, " Wait Until I'm Dead"

Surviving family horror is one thing. Having the courage and determination to reveal it is another. DJ Brava, romance novelist extraordinaire, has the courage. She has the determination. She has friends covering her back. But when unearthing one family secret leads to another and another... can she survive the fallout? Some family members beg her to wait until they're dead. Has one of them gone too far in a misguided effort to protect someone -- or something? This is an engaging page-turner for anyone who loves a good family drama full of secrets and intrigue. It has the social consciousness of a Picoult, the wit and tongue of Evanovich, the resonance of Sue Miller, and the female bonding of "Thelma and Louise" -- without the drive off the cliff! Structured as a memoir within a novel, readers move through the main character's history of childhood trauma and healing. But it is her actions in the present that propel the story through a series of compelling revelations affecting numerous characters in unforeseen ways. The dialogue is crisp and the humor rich. Emotional connections are profound, and the topic is one that touches the lives of millions.

New Book Release

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New from author Yvette Nachmias-Baeu, "Clara at Sixty" is a fictionalized sequel to her first book, "A Reluctant Life" and delves into the areas of aging, loss, love and redemption. It is a portrait of a woman struggling with loss, growing older, mismatched relationships and the path to joy. For a glimpse at the book and to read early reviews, go to Excerpts from Clara can also be heard through audio files on the website. A preview of the book is also available at

Saturday, February 27, 2016

New book, "Rhody Ram's Rhode Island Adventure"

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Congratulations to Kerri Lanzieri on the release of her new book, "Rhody Ram's Rhode Island Adventure" now available through Mascot Books!
The book will be sold at the University of Rhode Island bookstore and will be available online. Kerri will also be holding book signings at the Greenville Public Library in Smithfield on March 26, at Warwick Library on April 9, and at State Street Elementary School in Westerly. The official release date is April 5.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Author Pat Conroy has pancreatic cancer, promises hard fight.

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Author Pat Conroy says he has pancreatic cancer, but promises he will fight the disease hard and finish a novel he owes his fans.
The 70-year-old South Carolina novelist made the announcement Monday on his Facebook page.
Conroy didn't give many details about his diagnosis or a prognosis. But he promised to "fight it hard" and told his fans "I owe you a novel and I intend to deliver it."

Conroy has written a dozen books including "The Prince of Tides" and "The Great Santini." On Facebook, Conroy says he has spent his entire life trying to figure out who he is and he doesn't believe he has come close.
He quit drinking in his mid-60s after being hospitalized with a failing liver and high blood pressure. He has struggled with diabetes and other ailments in recent years.
Source: Associated Press Facebook Public Share

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tonight: Author Elda Dawber

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For anyone in the Warwick/Cranston area, I'll be reading and selling tonight at 6:30 at The Elephant Room in Pawtuxet Village. Stop in for some great reading, a warm drink, delicious crepes, and a good time. It's an open mic, so perhaps you'd also like to read????? Surprise me!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

FIND HER by Lisa Gardner

Posted by Wayne G. Barber

Find Her, a novel by Lisa Gardner, a Rhode Island Author

Flora Dane is one of the most inventive characters Gardner has ever created. She is smart, strong and complex. As she tells herself over and over, she is a survivor. Her situations have messed up her life but she is still a woman with a cause. And that cause is freeing other persons who find themselves in her type of situation. FIND HER is published by Dutton. It contains 416 pages and sells for $27.00.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Tuesdays Tentative Line Up on the Authors Hour 9:00am

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Do you like to Read a good Book ? Have you been to your local Book Store or Library lately ?

Have you read a children''s book to the Grand Children lately ?

New Releases, Publishing your Book, Promotion, Networking and Interviews, Future Book Expo's

Tentatively Scheduled at 9:05am  Author Bruce Wilcox will discuss "Life Support"

Tentatively Scheduled at 9:35 am Author Peter J. Larrivee and his book Revenant

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Lively Literati, Thursday February 25 at 6:30pm

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Author Elda Dawber will be our guest on the Authors Hour on News Talk 1380am WNRI.COM Worldwide Livestream on March 1 at 9:35 am

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Book Signings and Family Fun

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Barrington Books presents local author
for a reading and signing of her second novel

Libby and Ted have been happily married for over twelve years and live a picture perfect life; two beautiful kids, a successful business, a gorgeous home in the suburbs, money, friends, and most importantly, one another. After all these years, they are passionately in love, two of the lucky few - or so Libby believes - until one snowy evening, the unthinkable happens. And she learns... nothing is as it seems.

1 - 2:30 in Barrington
4 - 5:30 in Garden City

Looking for a fun way to wrap up this school vacation week?
Join us in Garden City for
 Family Fun Day
from 12 - 4pm

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How to Promote Your Self-Published Book

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We had a similar question from two different authors: one has self-published a book of poetry and the other, has had a short story collection published by a small publisher. They both wanted to know what they should be doing to boost publicity for their books.
And boy, did you come up with some great ideas for them!  "How funny that you asked this particular question! I just posted a blog piece on the topic of 'networking at conventions,' which your questioning authors might find helpful; it's aimed at people attending sci-fi/fantasy conventions but can easily be turned to any type of convention:  however, I would suggest beginning with analysing the target audiences. The short stories, for example: are they mainstream fiction, fantasy, science-fiction, romance, mystery? Are the target readers teenagers, adults, retired folk? Is the setting in America? If so, which state? Which decade/century? Each of these questions offers another clue to opportunities. "Mystery and history buffs as well as fantasy/sci-fi geeks frequently gather in numbers at events around the world, a perfect opportunity to meet people predisposed to interest in your writing. "Social networking sites such as Facebook can connect the author with potential readers. "Calling your local paper to see if they want to run an interview (local writer done good), or the local papers in the areas where the stories are set, can't hurt. There are also internet-based radio stations that love to run new author interviews, such as the " Authors Hour " on
"Talk to your local colleges, high schools, and middle schools about offering a reading of your work; poetry may find favor with ongoing outreach programs at middle schools especially.
"Find bloggers who routinely review similar books, and offer them a free copy of your book (ask before sending it, though!); they will run an honest review, and if they like your book they'll often ask you for an interview on top of that.   Join your States writing association for great networking opportunities and up and coming book expos."Build a web site and blog, talk about events you've attended, further explore the topics of your writing, the process of writing, self-publishing, small-press publishing, research, and so on. Offer web-only excerpts for readers to enjoy."Most important, keep a record of what you've tried, the dates, all contact information, and notes on what worked, what didn't, and as much of why as you understand why things did or didn't work. That record is more valuable than gold in the long run."

Monday, February 15, 2016

Tentative Line-up Feb.16 on the Authors Hour

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Tentatively Scheduled for 9:05am  Author Joshua Blum and his works, The Thirteenth Hour and Preguel and his Epilogue

Free copy of his book on Nook.

New book announcements and discussion on the most recent Book Authors Expo in Cumberland , R.I.

News and Community Calendar, E-Mail from now through the broadcast at with your comments or any questions.

Tentatively Scheduled at 9:35am Author Thomas Cobb, Acts of Contrition, Shave Tail, With Blood in Their Eyes, Crazy Heart and a discussion on his latest release, Darkness, the Color of Snow

Friday, February 12, 2016

Scared to Death: Do it Anyway New Release !

Posted by Wayne G. Barber

Steven R. Porter is proud to announce his third book.

Now available on Amazon from Stillwater River Publications! My third book, co-authored with Motivate For Success's Brian Beneduce, tells the incredible story of how Brian overcame a lifetime of debilitating fear, anxiety and panic to reach an extraordinary level of happiness and success.
Unlike my last two books, this is NOT a novel; but I think everyone will still enjoy this fascinating story. And if you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks yourself, it's a must read -- a rare first-person account of a misunderstood affliction from inside the mind of a person who has lived it, and beat it.

Brian Beneduce has always known there was something wrong with him -- very wrong. Even at a young age when his friends were enjoying activities as harmless as sleepovers, he would hyperventilate, sweat and tremble at the mere thought. He never told a soul. As he got older his condition worsened. Open spaces, crowds, bridges, tunnels, elevators, planes and traffic all sent him into spells of debilitating fear and panic, but never more than when he would be trapped somewhere alone with his own thoughts, and would be convinced that "The Thing," as he named it, would someday kill him. Yet somehow, perhaps for the sake of his wife, children, or his business he vowed that he would find the willpower he needed to beat it -- or would die trying. Scared to Death.... Do It Anyway is one man's inspirational and tumultuous journey told through the thoughts, feelings and secrets of an acute agoraphobic. It not only chronicles three decades of severe panic and anxiety attacks, but it also reveals the healing thought process of self-realization that helped him defeat "The Thing," build a multi-million dollar business, and discover a life of true happiness.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Association of Rhode Island Authors Monthly Meeting

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NEXT MEETING — Feb. 11, 2016

The next regular meeting of the Association of Rhode Island Authors will take place on Thursday, February 11th in the Community Room at the Thundermist Health Center, 186 Providence Street, West Warwick.
Our guest speaker this month will be Margaret A. Caster, CPA, who will discuss, "Authors Tax Considerations for filing Schedule C.” She will discuss basic items that are includable in income and allowable expenses. Questions are welcome throughout the presentation.
Informal networking begins at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. New authors, members and guests are always welcome!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Book Discussion at Jesse M. Smith Memorial Library

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Wednesday, February 10th
11:00 a.m.
This month's selection is The Wright Brothers, by David McCullough. Copies are available at the Circ Desk. Please plan to join us!
"This is the dramatic story-behind-the-story about the courageous brothers who taught the world how to fly: Wilbur and Orville Wright. On a winter day in 1903, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, two unknown brothers from Ohio changed history. But it would take the world some time to believe what had happened: the age of flight had begun, with the first heavier-than-air, powered machine carrying a pilot...."
The library's adult book discussion group is open to those interested in reading and discussing a book together. Books are chosen ahead of time. Multiple copies are available at the library's check-out desk. Readers may also place their own holds on the book, e-book, or audiobook. For more information, please call Robin Nyzio (401) 710-7800 x 711

Monday, February 8, 2016

Tentative Author Line-Up for Tuesday Feb. 9,2016

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Author New Release, Self-Publishing, Book Signings and Guest 


Tentatively scheduled at 9:05 am author Richard Guilbault,

The Hidden Power of Mandalas, Vol.1,2,3

Tentatively scheduled for 9:35 am author Leo C. Frisk Jr.

  A Crickets Ho Ho Mmmm Christmas
and A Crickets Trick or Treat and discussion on his new works.

E-Mail from now through the broadcast at with any questions or comments.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Book Signing – New Release at Booklovers Gourmett, Webster Mass.

Posted by Wayne G. Barber

Saturday, February 27th, 2-4 PM

Before The Sun Sets and They Are Forgotten is a non-fiction book written by Paul Samuels and just recently published.
Paul interviewed local elders for this book and dedicated a chapter to each of them. Each chapter contains a color photo of the elder, a brief biography, reflections about their accomplishments in life, things that they were proud of or regretted, beliefs that they developed over their lifetime and advice for younger generations. The ages of the elders interviewed ranged from sixty-nine to ninety-six. The formal education of those interviewed ranged from high school dropouts to PH.Ds and careers ranged from stay-at-home mothers to university professors.
The elders universally enjoyed sharing their stories and their wisdom. Some of the stories were incredibly touching and inspirational. Readers will find the elders’ advice to be thought provoking and be moved to evaluate their own belief systems about what is truly important in life.
Paul Samuels works full-time as an investment advisor in Wellesley. He conducted the interviews and wrote Before The Sun Sets and They Are in his spare time between 2012 and 2015. Paul lives in Charlton with his darling wife Loralee Dubeau.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New Release The Amazing Monkey Boy: & The Great Froggy Rescue

Posted by Wayne G. Barber

Congrats to Glocester resident and Ponaganset High School alum Jamie Leigh Forgetta on the release of her debut children's book,

Deep in the woods of Glocester, Rhode Island lives a little hero named Monkey Boy and his sidekick Dino Lass. Today they have found a family of frogs that needs some help to get to a bigger pond. Will they succeed in their quest?  Forgetta is a member of the Association of Rhode Island Authors

Feb. 13, 2016 Booklovers' Local Authors Expo Public Library, Cumberland, R.I.

Posted by Wayne G. Barber

Booklovers' Local Authors Expo               
Contact: Aaron Coutu   333-2552 x128
The Library is hosting a Book Lovers’ Local Author Expo on Saturday, February 13 from 1:00 – 4:00 pm.  Almost 40 authors have signed up to participate in the authors’ expo. Come and meet talented wordsmiths, and learn more about writing and publishing.
Participating writers include graphic novelists, poets, researchers, and illustrators with books for children, teens, and adults.  Topics in their books include animals, fairy tales, fantasy, historical fiction, history, horror, inspiring memoirs/biographies, mystery, paranormal, Rhode Island history, science fiction, sports, self-help, suspense/thriller, travel, and women’s fiction.  The slate of writers includes:
Julien Ayotte
Peter Johnson
Karen Petit
Wayne Barber
Laura Kennedy
Dawn Porter
Josh Blum
Alex Kimmell
Steven Porter
Kristen Calenda
Paul Lonardo
Martha Reynolds
Jessica Collette
Tabitha Lord
Heather Rigney
Jayne Conway
Sara Low
Christina Rodríguez
Jamie Coyle
Rick Marchetti
Greg Rubano/Jerry Assis
Elda M. Dawber
Jane F. McCarthy
Mary Catherine Volk
Paul Eno
Joann Mead
Everett Soares
Leesa Freeman
Kevin Mulhearn
J. Michael Squatrito, Jr.
Michael Hartigan
Yvette Nachmias-Baeu
Eric Sturtevant
Keith Johnson
James B. Nicola
Tara Willimas
Errick Nunnally
Raymond A. Wolf
Dave’s Marketplace is sponsoring refreshments for the event, which will include light desserts and drinks.