Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Lively Literati South at the East Greenwich Hotel 7-31-19

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Re-Boot of the Association of Rhode Island Authors (ARIA) monthly Lively Literati was a total success on a new day Wed. at 6:30am and a brand new location. The main street business was hopping with a great mix of retail , restaurants, cafes and service type business and I did not see a empty store front. 2 hour parking on the street and the tight allies between stores. Overflow crowd at the door and we had over 10 at the mic.
 Author Debra Zannelli who launched her first two books, 1 Dark Night of the Soul, 2 A Dark De sending which I read and then interviewed the author on the Authors Hour radio program After these two, Debra then wrote her first children's book. Tonight she launched her third thriller , Sister World 1, of a trilogy ,The Arrival
 Host ARIA member, Guy J. Natelli read some of his classic work and did a outstanding job finding this great location and booking the next 6 months authors and poets. Co-host Damont Combs 2018 Poet of the Year, made a appearance and also did a recital. Rock Star, and former ARIA board member, Joanne Mead walked down to the event and read from new release to a thunderous ovation. New author , Donna Rose did a reading, a New York comedian brought the house down. Debra's 17 old niece recited her first work.
 I brought some of my short stories in case of a small turn-out and read, Poor Man's Shrimp and the audience gained confidence and said , what the hell and stood up, many for the very first time and read their work to see a live audience response. 7 more new artists got their first taste of public reading.
  Beautiful New England main street alive with patrons on a beautiful summers night and I would like to thank the owner, Johana Joseph and tonight's bartender, the amazing Claire for keeping our flasks full of spirits and excellent wines. Last Wed. of the month at 6:30pm North and South locations to be posted here and on the ARIA web-site and also on the ARIA Facebook page too !
  Every one of these events is so different from the last and my own opinion this one was the best one yet !

The amazing bartender, Claire

Author Debra Zanelli, my flash did not set.

New York comedian

Tonight's host and author Guy J. Natelli and  featured speaker, author Debra Zanelli

ARIA President Steven Porter had a cold one and was pleased with the great audience and great material from all, and we gained two new members to boot !

Rock Star, Joanne Mead

Newbie with a great future

Debra's 17 old niece

Damont Combs

ttttthis was the best one yet

Monday, July 29, 2019

Authors Line - Up for 7-30-19

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We Re-Boot our Live Literati on Wed July 31st 2019 at 6:30 pm in East Greenwich, 162 Main Street

One of our popular RI Authors from ARIA, Debra Zannelli will read, then it's Open Mic for every 5 minutes.

2018 " Poet of the Year',  Damont Combs, Orange Live will kick off the Authors Hour at 9:05 am

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Monday, July 22, 2019

Author Line-Up for 7-23-19

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Rhode Island Topics:  Author Roberta Mudge Humble will be our quest and a little poetry too !

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The central theme of Wind in the Cave is essentially homosexual love affairs. From my perspective it would seem that Nicola does not know the difference between the word love and the word lust, as ‘Love’ propels him from one passionate encounter to another. But if one is not put off by the subject matter, Nicola produces some extraordinary poems of vibrant power. For example, his villanelle ‘The river’s frozen solid’ is so ingenious: its syntax is so flexible, its rhyming effortless, and there is a startling conceit in the last line with the word ‘alive’. A masterful performance. In fact, tight structures bring out the best of Nicola: his villanelle, ‘Achilles’, is also skilful and classical to boot. And there is everywhere evident what I would call technical excellence: he uses rhythm, rhyme, assonance, allusion to stunning effect. Also, he can find just the right word: for example, in ‘Cavern’ we encounter ‘the carapacial heart’—love that word, carapacial (notice an almost subliminal, unstated rhyme with ‘glacial’)! But if his diction can be precisely right, so too can his phrases and clauses—he has a knack for coining great one-liners: ‘the snakes of guile invisible to him’ (from ‘Boxes’) or ‘suffering the lightning and enlightening / of breaths intermingled on the verge of touch’ (from a‘Dagger’).Source: Review by James Sale

Friday, July 12, 2019

Authors Hour Line-Up for 7-16-19

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Author Sheryl Lynn Kimball will discuss, The Witch's Antidote, Book 1, Abigail's Curse

Monday, July 8, 2019


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About the Story
The story follows an insecure pup on a very important day – puppy pickup day, when all the pups meet their new families. Kids identify with the puppy who has trouble fitting in and keeping up with his siblings. He wanders off and gets lost and needs help from his friends to make it back in time for puppy pickup. The little Labradoodle discovers the power of kindness, friendship and love as he perseveres through the challenges in this heartwarming story. More importantly, he learns that he is perfect just the way he is.

Great gift for kids struggling with self-confidence, early readers and dog / puppy / labradoodle lovers.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Authors Hour Line-Up 7-2-19

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