Friday, July 27, 2018

What I am reading now.....

Life sucks and then you die. Sort of. 

Valentino Crispo loves Mom’s Italian cooking, sun on the beach, and working for the Cranston Police Department. He loses it all after getting vamped. Now, he’s the newest vampire in Providence. 
When a hitwoman apparently shoots his dad and one of Cranston’s Finest on the same night, Tino stops letting vampirism bite him. He’ll mix supernatural and PD skills to solve the crime. But he hasn’t got the hang of being a vampire yet.
The mystery of whodunit and why is tied up with Tino’s own turning. The Providence vampire elders hate nosy vamps almost as much as new ones. Will Valentino stand up and be counted or add to the body count? 
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This should be a good one !!!!!!!!!!

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What I am reading now....

Posted by Wayne G. Barber

News, Book Releases, Expo's Signings, Poetry, Publishing Questions and Author Interviews too.

Our friend, L.A. Jacob returns for the 4th time to introduce another great beach read. I would have to leave the lights on to read this one at night !

Scheduled for the Authors Hour on August 7, 2018 at 9:05 am

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

What I am reading now...

Posted by Wayne G. Barber
The story of poison is the story of power. For centuries, royal families have feared the gut-roiling, vomit-inducing agony of a little something added to their food or wine by an enemy. To avoid poison, they depended on tasters, unicorn horns, and antidotes tested on condemned prisoners. Servants licked the royal family’s spoons, tried on their underpants and tested their chamber pots.
Ironically, royals terrified of poison were unknowingly poisoning themselves daily with their cosmetics, medications, and filthy living conditions. Women wore makeup made with mercury and lead. Men rubbed turds on their bald spots. Physicians prescribed mercury enemas, arsenic skin cream, drinks of lead filings, and potions of human fat and skull, fresh from the executioner. The most gorgeous palaces were little better than filthy latrines. Gazing at gorgeous portraits of centuries past, we don’t see what lies beneath the royal robes and the stench of unwashed bodies; the lice feasting on private parts; and worms nesting in the intestines.
In The Royal Art of Poison, Eleanor Herman combines her unique access to royal archives with cutting-edge forensic discoveries to tell the true story of Europe’s glittering palaces: one of medical bafflement, poisonous cosmetics, ever-present excrement, festering natural illness, and, sometimes, murder.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Authors Hour Line-Up for 7-17-18

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A centuries old vampire, Gregor, kills to sate his hunger for blood but also for the pleasure of the kill. Abused by his parents, Gregor hates anyone who reminds him of the weak and fearful child he once was. Gregor also has a son, Marcus, whom he took years ago, and attempted to make him into a creature like himself. But Marcus is nothing like Gregor. Trapped, painfully tormented by what he’s been forced to become, Marcus clings to the humanity Gregor has tried to erase. He needs to feed on blood, but Marcus cannot find it in himself to attack innocent prey. Even on the night he was to make his first kill, Marcus rescues his intended victim. He saves the little girl, Maddy, and makes his escape. Years later the two encounter each other. Maddy recognizes Marcus as the face in the nightmares that haunted her since the attack. She knows Marcus is a vampire, but she understands his special nature - that of a tormented creature at war with his own demons. Knowing that, she comes to love him. But Gregor lurks. He returns to the New England town where his son Marcus escaped him. Still angry, wanting to punish all those who stand in his way, Gregor begins a killing spree and leaves a chain of bodies in his wake, The town’s citizens hide in terror behind bolted doors. Gregor’s murders spur Marcus who teams up with Maddy and her brother Judson. The three work with the local police and have a singular goal: stop Gregor before he kills again. The battle that begins brings all of them face to face with the best and worst mankind can offer.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Authors Line-Up for 7-10-18...

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Today "Rock Star" Romance Author, Jeannette Winters returns to the airways to get us up to date on her 4 Romance Series

The second half will be Children's Author Karen A. Gasperini and her series of Arianna's Majic Boots

Monday, July 2, 2018

Author Line-Up for 7-3-18

Posted by Wayne G. Barber

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Author Hank Ellis joins us in the studio to discuss his great beach read, The Promise, A Perilous Journey

Peter and David Wilson are two adventurous, adolescent brothers, who make a fantastic discovery in the nearby forest. One afternoon in late June, they stumble upon a huge mysterious cavern protected from the elements for centuries. Using dreams and deciphering riddles, they travel through underground passageways to meet the maker of their dreams. Through a series of strange and supernatural encounters, Peter and David must rely on resourcefulness, perseverance, and love to lead them to an opportunity they could never have imagined and make a decision that will change their lives forever.