Friday, August 31, 2018

Author Line-Up for 9-4-18

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Co-Authors Leigh Brown & Victoria Corliss will discuss their third book, " The Pendulum's Truth'

Since she was a young girl, Ava Dell has been told that her intuitive sixth sense is a special gift she shares with her mother. It is a gift she never takes seriously until she is forced to make a fresh start after her mother’s death. Real estate agent Charlotte Boyer welcomes Ava to Wicks Falls, South Carolina with a mystical pendulum, and a warning to use it carefully. Ava’s curiosity is piqued. She begins using the pendulum, relying on her intuition to guide her. Soon, customers are flocking to her newly opened coffee shop, The Tea Cozy, for Ava’s scones and her pendulum’s guidance. But when tragedy suddenly strikes, Ava, worried that she’ll be blamed, flees to her family’s cottage at Sully Shores. There she is forced to face the fact that some truths you can’t outrun, and to decide once and for all if her gift is truly worth the price.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Author Line-Up for 8-28-18

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Tentatively Scheduled for 9:05 am will be Author Eloise Epps Mackinnon and her second Romance book,

A Twisted Shade of Green

Love Conquers All! Two opposites illustrate how love can conquer hearts of lust, revenge, and deception. Kali Mathias possesses an appetite of lust, and Glen Monroe has a raging spirit for vengeance. And together, Glen and Kali both have deceit souls within. But, love turns one date among two total conflicting hearts into one which requires each other to be alive in the midst of any storm. Through a new-found love, God taught Kali to know that not everything has a price tag; at least, not real love! God taught Glen to realize even love can conquer the grips of a sought-after heart’s revenge!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Author Line-Up for 8-21-18

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MOONLIGHT HELMSMAN Robert Smalls’ Amazing Escape by Richard Maule
2017 recipient of 7 national awards for Historical Fiction, African American Literature, and Best First Novel.
He was alone in dreaming it could be done, but on a moonlit night in 1862, the slave Robert Smalls stole the Confederate flagship and sailed off to freedom. Richard Maule’s novel, Moonlight Helmsman, brings to life one of the most amazing stories in our nation’s history.
Born into bondage, Smalls longs for the sailor’s life, and by the time the Civil War begins, he is assigned to pilot a Rebel ship in Charleston Harbor. Through a dramatic chain of events, Robert conspires to steal the boat, taking his friends and family along. His diverse crew includes his strong-minded wife Hannah, his preacher-turned-engineer Deke, and a fascinating madman named Spider Jefferson. Their intricate plot requires imagination, stealth, and the brazenness to defy certain death.
Taking the reader through treacherous channels, explosive mines, and enemy forts, the author leads us to a nail-biter of a climax. Faithful to the facts of history, Moonlight Helmsman is a gripping and inspiring testimony to the power of the human will. Kirkus Reviews says, “Maule skillfully renders Smalls’ life through fictional embellishment, powerfully portraying his indomitable longing for liberty… a riveting story, and a sadly neglected sliver of American history… a seamless weave of historical investigation and fictional drama starring an African-American hero." 

Monday, August 13, 2018

Authors Hour Line-Up for Aug. 14, 2018

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The tranquility of an early Sunday morning abruptly ends for University of Rhode Island master gardener, Miriam Carnavale, when she discovers the body of Professor Paul Waddington in the college’s rose garden. His throat is slashed, a RI red rose boutonniere tucked into his tuxedo. South Kingstown Detective Kara Langley soon realizes there are more than enough suspects among the disgruntled graduate students working for the Waddingtons’ program. But, investigating further, she finds the unpopular couple has left behind allegations of harrassment and embezzlement at the previous colleges where they worked. Has their past finally caught up with them in the peaceful Kingston village? Paul’s pretentious wife, Stephanie, knows more than she’s telling, leaving Kara to piece together the clues before the murderer strikes again.