Saturday, September 22, 2018

Book Sales and Signing Tips

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Book Sales & Signings come in many shapes and sizes. "Rock Star" (30 books )Woonsocket romance author Jeannette Winters is holding her second book signing and fan appreciation day today at Pepin Lumber and Gift Shop , Cumberland Hill Road, Woonsocket who stocks and sells a ton of her hot or mild romance books which she writes in two versions. All of our sales cannot be on Kobo, Amazon,or Barnes and Noble especially if you self publish. Winters came out of marketing at a big corporation and applies a lot of experience to her book signings. Free raffles which supply her with some new e-mail contacts and for future book arrivals to one of her 4 series of books. Winters also co-authors to help other authors develop a loyal fan base. I personally have done real well at farmers markets, huge community yard sales , art festivals, inside a church for candlelight shopping and other venues. Think outside the box and you too could rack up some nice retail sales and you always will get some good networking and leads to help you in your journey in book sales.

Monday, September 17, 2018


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Life sucks and then you die. Sort of. 

Valentino Crispo loves Mom’s Italian cooking, sun on the beach, and working for the Cranston Police Department. He loses it all after getting vamped. Now, he’s the newest vampire in Providence. 
When a hitwoman apparently shoots his dad and one of Cranston’s Finest on the same night, Tino stops letting vampirism bite him. He’ll mix supernatural and PD skills to solve the crime. But he hasn’t got the hang of being a vampire yet.
The mystery of whodunit and why is tied up with Tino’s own turning. The Providence vampire elders hate nosy vamps almost as much as new ones. Will Valentino stand up and be counted or add to the body count? 

Monday, September 10, 2018

Author Line-Up for 9-11-18

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Rhode Island "Rock Star Romance Author" Jeannette Winters will discuss her latest releases and future books and about her recent tour around the great Country.