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Author Line -Up for 8-24-21

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At 9:05am  Author Debbie A. Monteggia, Tears of Change  Poetry 

Tears of Change is a collection of poems and quotes that takes you on a journey through the everyday emotions of life. In this book you will find unique, one-of-a-kind poems. Some will touch your heart and bring you to a place of appreciation and peace, and others may change the way you view and look at things. You will find ones that will move you through joy, loss, acceptance and renewal, as well as pain and sorrow. My hope is that one or many will inspire you to take a leap into expressing all of your own emotions so you can reach a deeper place of love and gratitude within yourself.

The first day of school can be filled with a flurry of emotions. Emily D. and the Fearful First Day is a wonderful story to share with children who are feeling nervous and worried about the first day of school. This instructional story will generate conversations about hard feelings and the joy in overcoming challenges.

Emily’s Mom says school will be exciting. Her Dad says it will be an adventure. Emily does not agree!

Change can be hard for children. Emily will miss her teacher, her friends, her schedule and even her classroom from last year. She is especially worried about making new friends.

Will school ever be the same? What can Emily do to make her first day of school super fun?

In this delightful story about overcoming difficult feelings, young readers will:

  • Learn that change can be ok – it can even be wonderful!
  • Realize they are not alone in their feeling – other kids can also feel nervous.
  • Discover that you can be brave and scared at the same time….
  • And so much more!

Emily D. and the Fearful First Day is the third book in The Super Fun Day Books series by Sivan Hong. The Super Fun Days Books series is a collection of inspirational stories about neurodiverse characters through which young children learn how to work through and overcome social and emotional challenges. There are a lot of laughs, feelings, and fun - lessons to learn, and plenty of things for children to think about.

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