Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Booker Prize 2021 shortlist: 'Absorbing global stories of life and death'

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The nominees in full:

  • Anuk Arudpragasam - A Passage North. In his second novel, the Sri Lankan author explores the lasting effects of the trauma and violence of his country's civil war, and a past love affair. "We felt that he was taking on with great seriousness this question of, how can you grasp the present, while also trying to make sense of the past?" said judge Horatia Harrod.
  • Damon Galgut - The Promise. The South African writer's ninth novel follows a white family over the decades from the Apartheid era. "The ultimate question that the novel asks is, is justice - true justice - possible in this world?" Obioma said. "If it is, then what might that look like?"
  • Patricia Lockwood - No One Is Talking About This. This is the first novel by the American poet and memoirist. It follows a woman catapulted to social media fame, told using what Booker judge Rowan Williams described as the "unpromising medium of online prattle". When reality impinges on this online existence, it ends up being a story "with intense, emotional energy and truthfulness", he said.
  • Nadifa Mohamed - The Fortune Men. Mohamed was born in Somaliland and raised in Britain, and her book is set in the docks of post-war Cardiff Bay. It fictionalises the story of Mahmood Mattan, a real Somali sailor who was wrongly accused of murder. "This is a story about the past that has great significance for the present," said judging chair Maya Jasanoff.
  • Richard Powers - Bewilderment. The US author won the Pulitzer for his last novel The Overstory. Here, a widowed astrobiologist turns to experimental treatments to help his nine-year-old son with additional needs - and take him to other planets. It is "a clarion call for us all to wake up and realise what our minds might be truly capable of if we were less obedient to the status quo," judge Natascha McElhone said.
  • Maggie Shipstead - Great Circle. Another American author, Shipstead's third novel intertwines the stories of a daring post-war female pilot and a 21st century Hollywood actress who is trying to rescue her reputation by making a film about her. It "speaks to ever-present questions about freedom and constraints, particularly in women's lives", Jasanoff said.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Author Line-Up for 9-14-21

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Tentatively Scheduled for 9:05 am  Author Bill Saubert will discuss his Fiction,  The Girl with the Green Lipstick 

This autobiographical novel is a psychological thriller which chronicles the author's disastrous relationship with a woman, Keri, who unbeknownst to him has a long criminal history. They meet though an on-line dating site in the wake of his wife's death from ovarian cancer. Keri was adopted as a baby by a military family who had another child "naturally" only about a year after she was brought home. From an early age, Keri exhibits sociopathic behaviors. She is sexually promiscuous even before reaching puberty. She discovers she can trade sex for money from the age of fifteen. Consistent with her sociopathic personality, she becomes quite sadistic towards her brother whom her parents can't help but show a preference for. Keri meets Colin on St. Patrick's Day in an Irish pub in Georgetown. In short order, they're living together and soon get married. His work takes him away from home to overseas military installations frequently. At home alone, Keri becomes bored and begins to frequent singles bars.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Author Line-Up for 9-7-21

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 Tentatively at  9:05 am Author Amanda Grafe will discuss her childrens books.

The Sneaky Mouse by Amanda Grafe is a delightful children's book for all ages. The reader is drawn into the tale of Mouse and how, without thinking, he begins to help himself to items that he thinks will make his small house a home. The clever illustrations make the story engaging and relatable. Mouse helps deliver the very simple but important message of "not taking items from others without asking". This should become a book in every household where children of all ages are growing and learning how to be respectful of each other's personal property. Candace Bartsch, teacher, Regional Multicultural Magnet School, New London, CT.

At 9:35 am Poetry and her up-coming event:  Author Karen Warinsky

Gold in Autumn is Karen Warinsky’s first full collection of poetry and in it she covers the drama of mid-life, the discovery of the spiritual in the everyday, the tricky workings of love, motherhood and youth, and ruminates on some of the political struggles of our current times. There is something for absolutely everyone in this volume from a writer who came on the scene in 2011 through The Montreal International Poetry Contest, and has published widely in anthologies and magazines since.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Author Line -Up for 8-24-21

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At 9:05am  Author Debbie A. Monteggia, Tears of Change  Poetry 

Tears of Change is a collection of poems and quotes that takes you on a journey through the everyday emotions of life. In this book you will find unique, one-of-a-kind poems. Some will touch your heart and bring you to a place of appreciation and peace, and others may change the way you view and look at things. You will find ones that will move you through joy, loss, acceptance and renewal, as well as pain and sorrow. My hope is that one or many will inspire you to take a leap into expressing all of your own emotions so you can reach a deeper place of love and gratitude within yourself.

The first day of school can be filled with a flurry of emotions. Emily D. and the Fearful First Day is a wonderful story to share with children who are feeling nervous and worried about the first day of school. This instructional story will generate conversations about hard feelings and the joy in overcoming challenges.

Emily’s Mom says school will be exciting. Her Dad says it will be an adventure. Emily does not agree!

Change can be hard for children. Emily will miss her teacher, her friends, her schedule and even her classroom from last year. She is especially worried about making new friends.

Will school ever be the same? What can Emily do to make her first day of school super fun?

In this delightful story about overcoming difficult feelings, young readers will:

  • Learn that change can be ok – it can even be wonderful!
  • Realize they are not alone in their feeling – other kids can also feel nervous.
  • Discover that you can be brave and scared at the same time….
  • And so much more!

Emily D. and the Fearful First Day is the third book in The Super Fun Day Books series by Sivan Hong. The Super Fun Days Books series is a collection of inspirational stories about neurodiverse characters through which young children learn how to work through and overcome social and emotional challenges. There are a lot of laughs, feelings, and fun - lessons to learn, and plenty of things for children to think about.

Monday, August 9, 2021

Author Line-Up for 8-10-21

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Tentatively scheduled for 9: 05am  will be author Lenny Peters M.D.

An Asian American immigrant’s journey from poverty in India to the heights of the medical profession in America—and the faith that made his accomplishments possible.

When Lenny Peters was a boy playing marbles among the lush mangrove trees in impoverished India, he had one overriding wish: to be the best at everything he did. Born into a Christian family and part of a minority population in that part of the world, Lenny was innately aware of the hurdles he faced. Wise beyond his years, Lenny embraced a simple philosophy: hard work and prayer. He could never have imagined how far his faith and his drive for excellence would take him, nor how much good he would do along the way.

In Barefoot to Benefactor, Lenny tells the uplifting story of how the youngest son from Kerala, India, worked his way into medical school, propelled himself to London, and settled in North Carolina as an accomplished physician. Not satisfied with providing standard medical care, Lenny became a world-class researcher and founded the Bethany Medical Centers, a revolutionary network that treats anyone who walks through its doors with the best that medicine can offer.

Wonders followed Lenny as faith determined his path. He turned a community college course in personal finance into a vast real estate empire and thriving medical practice. His fascination with business led him not only to establish much-needed health and research facilities, but to establish a bank for underserved communities that now operates in four states. Through it all, he battled the prejudice he encountered as a professional man of color with a “funny accent,” turning every hardship into opportunity and learning that forgiveness and acceptance bestow grace.

Most importantly, Lenny has never forgotten his roots. The Lenny Peters Foundation shares his abundance with the less fortunate, both here and in India. His story of trailblazing in medicine, finance, and philanthropy is proof that miracles come to those who have faith—in God and in themselves.

Monday, August 2, 2021

Author Line-Up for 8-3-21

At 9:35 am Tentatively 

When a mysterious family moves in across the street, mother-to-be Jan Rooney's life begins to unravel. A mischievous child begins sneaking into her home to taunt and torment her. Then, she loses her baby and is thrown into despair. But things only grow worse when she experiences a series of events that she cannot explain. Jan suspects her new neighbors may be conspiring with her husband, Nick, to destroy her life. As more strange and frightening occurrences develop, Jan wonders if she’s a victim of her own paranoia, or if something more sinister is afoot.
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In this coming-of-age memoir, Sharon takes you with her on a nail-biting adventure through the early 1970s after leaving her sheltered home life at sixteen years old to join the hippies. Yearning for freedom, she lands in an adult world for which she is unprepared, and must learn quickly in order to survive.

As Sharon navigates the US and Canada—whether by hitchhiking, bicycle, or the back of a motorcycle—she experiences love and heartbreak, discovers who she can and cannot trust, and awakens to the Women’s Liberation movement while living in a rural off-grid commune. In this colorful memoir, she reflects upon the changes that reshaped her during that decade, and how the ways in which she and her peers threw off the rules meant to keep women in their place has transformed and empowered the lives of girls and women today.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Author Line-Up for 7-20-21

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Luxury comes at a deadly price.

Nurse Cathy Arden must prove her innocence or spend the rest of her life in a prison cell.

Oscar Green's vision is simple: create a place where wealthy senior citizens can live their final days in the comfort to which they have become accustomed. On the outside, the ultra-luxury of Green Haven seems like heaven on Earth, but Green Haven is not the idyllic nursing home it appears to be.

Director of Nursing, Cathy Arden's complacent life is about to change as she discovers Green Haven's residents are suddenly dying at an alarming rate. She is determined to prove something is wrong, and her efforts have inadvertently placed her in the crosshairs. Who can she trust as the killer may be working right beside her?

Detective Oaks sets his sights on Cathy when all the evidence points to her. He is intent on bringing her to justice. Desperate, but unwilling to give up, Cathy is forced to put others at risk to find out who the real killer is and point detective Oaks in the right direction. If she fails, more will die and Cathy's new long-term home will be a prison cell.

Green Haven is the perfect place for the rich and forgotten. Perhaps it's also the perfect place for murder.