Monday, May 22, 2023

Author Line- Up for 5-23-23

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At 9:05am  Author  Sarah Mandel will discuss, " Little Earthquakes"  A Memoir

“Sarah Mandel has done something remarkable here. I found myself weeping, laughing with delight and moved with love—all in the span of the day it took me to devour this book. Filled with deliciously specific images and metaphors, clear dialogue, and rich explorations of self and others, Mandel has written—among other things—a tender witness statement of and for her body.”—Hala Alyan, author of Salt Houses

A psychologist, wife, and mother chronicles her extraordinary journey with cancer while pregnant with her second baby, and the insights into life, death, trauma, and healing that she gleaned—an utterly inspiring debut memoir reminiscent of the intimacy and emotional power of Paul Kalanithi’s When Breath Becomes Air and Kate Bowler’s No Cure for Being Human.

When clinical psychologist Sarah Mandel was pregnant with her second child, she began preparing for her maternity leave, juggling the demands of her soon-to-be-new baby with the needs of her patients. Noticing a lump in her breast, she assumed it was most likely a clogged milk duct. But a biopsy revealed it was not. When she went into labor, she learned that she had Stage Four cancer—devastating news that forced her to confront terminal illness as she was bringing new life into the world.

But Sarah's illness took a highly improbable turn when, after three months of treatment, her second PET scan showed no evidence of disease. Sarah, however, was unable to celebrate the good news; she was frozen in a dissociated state caused by the emotional whiplash of going from oncology patient to new mother, from a terminal sentence to a shocking reprieve. As a therapist who specialized in trauma work, Sarah had utilized “narrative therapy” to help her patients. Now she wondered: Could the treatment that eased her patients’ pain successfully help her navigate her own trauma?

Little Earthquakes is a beautiful and thought-provoking debut from a brave and unwavering new voice that captures the mind, sears the soul, and leaves its indelible mark on the heart.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Author Line-Up for 5-16-23

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Tentatively scheduled, author Steven Joseph will discus " Snoodles in Space"

"In the award-winning book “Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles, and Lots and Lots of Noodles,” Steven Joseph and Andy Case introduced us to a world where everyone was happy because of one man, Herbie Snoodleman, the inventor of the Snoodlemoblie, powered solely by noodles. It had replaced Sour Croodleman’s Krautmobile, which ran on sauerkraut and made everyone quite a bit cranky.

In this follow-up book, when the Zoodle Kidoodles from the planet Zoodle abduct Norman Noodle and Sally Stroodle, the Zoodle Kidoodles threaten to take all of Earth’s noodles— unless they perform the necessary brain operation on their grand leader, Cloodle the Grand Roodle, and fix their spaceship’s failing engines.

The one problem? Norman Noodle and Sally Stroodle are simple bakers. Sour Croodleman’s Prickly Peppered Purple Propulsion Powered Pickle invention is their only hope, but will he unite with Herbie Snoodleman to save the planet?

The answer is here, in this Wackadoodle Tale from Outer Space!

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Authors Hour Author Line-Up 4-25-23

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At 9:05 am Author Walter Stephen Geeding will discuss,  Endless Times

Jack and Jim, two footloose, lifetime friends and beer drinking buddies, are out back-roading when they spot the cabin.
Aha, it’s treasure, treasure indeed, and much more.

As Jack runs out with some little gold figures, deputies start shooting. They have discovered a way to travel the time road disguised as a dilapidated shack. The only problem is those deputies. A “start no violence” command is broken; now, travelers must dodge lawmen. Jack throws the gold back in; time returns to normal. Some old letters reveal the secret: twenty-four figurines, twenty-four destinations; just dodge the law.

˃˃˃ After learning to be traders as directed, a year later, they grab Kokopelli and jump into 1822 New Mexico, landing in the middle of some Jicarilla Apache.

Kokopelli, the Indian god of fertility and good fortune, keeps them alive. William Becknell, the first American trader allowed in New Mexico, thinks they’re crazy; the hidalgos love their trade goods, and Indians respect them. Violent Spanish culture, savage Apache, and untamed 1822 New Mexico make them far richer than expected, two treasures return home.

Jim finds out he’s a dad, Jack becomes a foreman, life is good, but change comes. Ranch owners die after making Jim’s son a beneficiary, and natural heirs force a sale, questioning the will. A killing makes the ranch’s fate uncertain. What exactly have they become, and does that evolution help today?

Monday, April 17, 2023

Authors Hour Line-Up for 4-18-23

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At 9 am Author Taylor Baldwin, and her book, Unwavering 


The true story of the women who waged an epic home front battle to ensure our nation leaves no man behind.

When some of America’s military men are captured or go missing during the Vietnam War, a small group of military wives become their champions. Never had families taken on diplomatic roles during wartime, nor had the fate of our POWs and missing men been a nationwide concern. In cinematic detail, authors Taylor Baldwin Kilan3d and Judy Silverstein Gray plunge you directly into the political maneuvering the women navigated, onto the international stage they shared with world leaders, and through the landmark legacy they created.

At 9:35 am   Author Meghan Zipin and her book   First Light

n 2013 I survived the Boston Marathon Bombing. First Light serves as a guide from the time of the bombing, to my life with PTSD, my experience with healing, relationships and motherhood. In the courtroom, I told the bomber that "I know one day I'll be a better mother and my husband a better father because we will show our children all that is good in this world; all there is to be thankful for." This collection is a tribute to that commitment and a testament to the idea that we can keep going.

Monday, April 10, 2023

Author Line-Up for 4-11-23

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She failed to save her brother and her best friend from destructive forces. Could she topple the most sinister villain of all time?

2037 was a really bad year.

Lexi Brennan’s best friend was killed in a plane crash. Two weeks later, an intergalactic crisis threatened the fate of humanity. Authorities responded by launching a genocide.

Lexi opposed this vicious attack. Then again, what could she do? An eccentric flight attendant drawn to glamorous trysts, she felt powerless to incite change.

Until tragedy struck close to home. Suddenly, Lexi was forced to acknowledge the widespread atrocities. She uncovered a network of lies along with an opportunity to restore basic human rights. To protect others, Lexi would have to launch a movement that could destroy everything important to her, including her promising new romance.

Monday, April 3, 2023

Author Line-Up for 4-4-23

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At 9:05am  Author will discuss his book, Past Imperfect

When his rabbi calls him after Yom Kippur, private eye Benjamin Gold thinks it’s just to yell at him for skipping services—but it’s even worse than that.

It turns out that Benny missed more than some prayers and a sermon: While everyone else was atoning for their sins, a fight broke out in synagogue when a visitor accused one of the leading members of the congregation of being a Nazi collaborator.

Is Mendel Kahn the upstanding benefactor of Cleveland’s Jewish community he seems to be? Is his real-estate fortune the product of ten years of hard work and good luck, or does his success have a more sinister origin? Is he even Mendel Kahn—or is he really Yitzhak Fried, who exploited and tortured his fellow Jews during the War?

As Gold digs into Kahn’s dark story, he learns that the man’s present is bad enough: he’s a slumlord, a gangster, and a sadist. He also doesn’t appreciate being investigated…and he has some large and dangerous friends. Can Benjamin Gold survive long enough to uncover the real story of Mendel Kahn’s past?

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Author Line-Up for 3-28-23

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at 9 am  Author Sam Weis will discuss,   Abstraction

Trip-inducing paintings, an amphibious tour bus, and assorted donuts.

With the lush Pacific Northwest as a backdrop, a famous artist abruptly changes her painting style and finds her art has an eerie impact on people. Wren Willow Hendrix’s new work provokes inexplicable personality changes in those who view it, with often hilarious results. All too soon, Wren finds herself the center of unwanted attention.

With Homeland Security hot on her trail and a hate-spewing cult preacher gunning for her, Wren needs all the help she can get. Unfortunately, her best friend has hatched a plot of her own—one that will not only put her in the line of danger, but will pull Wren onto the stage of world events. Will the dubious protection of a meddling journalist, a battle-scarred veteran, and a reclusive pot farmer be enough to keep Wren out of the clutches of those who would abuse her art—or worse?